10-year-old rescues dogs and gets a Disney show


Disney XD is getting a makeover! Ten-year-old Roman McConn of Evans, Georgia has spent most of his life saving animals. Literally most of his life: saving animals since he was 4 years old! So when we saw The Washington Post profile of him, we knew we had to share this story with the Upworthy audience.

Roman started save animals local shelters when he lived in Texas, but since he couldn’t bring them all home, he created videos of the animals at the shelter, which his mother shared on social media to try to draw attention to them . He made it his personal mission to find a home for every shelter animal, especially those that were harder to adopt and were at risk of being euthanized.

Currently, many animal shelters and sanctuaries are overwhelmed with pets in desperate need of adoption, many of which are the result of “pandemic puppies”. And with puppy and kitten season in full swing, shelters need help finding homes for these animals more than ever. Adults can help by ensuring that stray animals are neutered (normally inexpensive or even free at local humane societies) and by volunteering to foster animals or adopt them from shelters instead of buying from them. a breeder.

Roman’s mission to see every pet from a shelter get adopted is a noble aspiration but one he fully embraces. According The Washington PostRoman and his mother founded Freedom Ride Project, a nonprofit that transports dogs from Texas to northern states where adoption rates are higher. The nonprofit has rescued 4,200 dogs since its inception in 2016. Seventeen of those dogs appear in Roman’s new Disney XC show, “Roman to the rescue”, which has so far released 7 of its 17 episodes. In each episode, Roman and his team focus on one dog to understand his personality and show him at his best.

It’s amazing how one child’s efforts launched not just an organization that saves thousands of animals, but hopefully a movement for young people via his show. If you want to catch his new show to see how he gets these 17 dogs adopted, you can find it on Disney XD at Disney NOW.


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