16-year-old Marsai Martin is producing a new Disney show with a predominantly black cast, and we’re proud


Marsai Martin is proof that age is no excuse for suspending dreams. The Guinness World Record Holder for Hollywood’s Youngest Executive Producer has the green light from Disney to produce an original Disney Channel comedy series, Saturdays.

The 16-year-old, according to Deadline, will produce the pilot for Saturdays under her production company Genius Entertainment which she runs with her parents, Joshua and Carol Martin. This was after Disney ordered just one episode of the series.

Martin couldn’t hide her glee as she celebrated the news on Instagram, writing, “You all see me see you, don’t you? I’m eager to ! @Disney channel. “

Writer and executive producer Norman Vance Jr., who produced Moesha, Roll rebound, and Girlfriends, will do the same for Saturdays, and Charles Stone III of Battery line and Blackish the celebrity will be the director.

As Deadline plot reports of the show, “Saturdays follows Paris, who since the age of four has been honing her skills on the cool Saturday floor, a local ice rink owned and operated by a former hip-hop dancer from the ’90s.

“With its neon lights, its painted rink in the galaxy and its killer DJ spinning the latest music, Saturday is the perfect place to show and prove. Paris is the leader of a skate crew and is determined to bring them to the top. However, she has sickle cell disease, and when she does break out, it will take all the determination to prove the skeptics wrong, including her worried family.

Many are excited about the representation this project will bring to those who have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. The main character has sickle cell anemia, a disease that mainly affects black people.

While there is no apparent premiere date, the main cast for the series has been revealed. Danielle Jalade as Paris Johnson will play the determined 13-year-old roller skater who is determined to excel at the sport of her choice despite her disability. Golden Brooks and Omar Gooding will play the parents of Paris and Jermaine Harris, his brother. Daria Johns and Samantha Smith will be her best friends and by Deadline, rapper Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Whitaker has been chosen as the owner of Saturdays.

Although Martin burst into Hollywood after being cast as Diane Johnson on a popular sitcom Blackish in 2014, the teenager proved her talent goes beyond comedy when it was announced that she was going to produce the film, Small.

When she was 14 years and 241 days old when the film was released in 2019, Martin made her name in the history books as Hollywood’s youngest executive producer. Martin, who successfully presented the story to Blackish designer Kenya Barris said she got the idea for the film when she was just 10 years old.

In addition to the executive production of the film, Martin also starred in it alongside Issa Rae and Regina Hall. In the film, Martin stars as a young Regina Hall after a little curse brings the strict businesswoman back to her 13-year-old little self.


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