5 things you think you need at Disney World, but don’t!


Some of us tend to over-plan when it comes to trips to Disney World.

Cinderella Castle

There are so many things to consider, likeand restaurant reservations, Engineering+, prepare for the weather, and more! Through our own over-planningthe All Ears team was able to identify what we doesn’t need for a successful Disney World trip – and we’re sharing these things with you!

Before breaking down what we didn’t need for our own travels, we wanted to provide the disclaimer that this will not apply to everyone! What works for us may not work for others! These are just the things we found unnecessary for our own travels! So, without further ado, keep reading to see our list!

A minute-by-minute route

We are fans of having a general plan for the day. It helps keep us on track so we can do whatever we want. Figure out your must-haves and must-haves, and try to make them!

We always plan a churro

But we recommend that you avoid minute-by-minute planning! This causes unnecessary stress and does not allow any flow in your day. Having a general plan is better, as it ensures you get to do what you want, while allowing you to walk around the parks and be a bit spontaneous (which is part of the magic)!

Find out how Genie can help you establish a general plan!

“Cute” outfits for every day

We fully understand the desire to wear your best outfits inside the parks. Dapper Day is one of our favorite theme days for this reason! But with the weather in Florida, and with visiting the parks counting as serious exercise (at least in our book), clothes like dresses or shoes made more for looks than walking can make your day more uncomfortable. than it should be.

This does not apply to Minnie, of course

If you still want to dress cute, we recommend you dress for one day out of your trip, or even part of the day (and bring clothes to change into)! Most Disney guests find it difficult to spend all day at the parks if you don’t dress for comfort. (Trust us, we tried!)

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Restaurant reservations for each meal

Although we love a good table service experience, these reservations are not necessary for every meal. It’s a lot of food and requires you to stick to a strict schedule for the day. Having 2-3 restaurant reservations per day means you will have to interrupt your day several times show up for a reservation. Meals served at the table also take up a lot of time – time that could be spent on other things like rides and shows!

Be Our Guest main dining room

We like to have one reservation per day when we travel! This allows us to eat at quick-service places (which we also love), have more time to spend on other activities, and have a table service experience!

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PhotoPass Memory Creator

This option, which costs $69 per day, offers you digital downloads of your Disney PhotoPass/attraction photos and videos, as well as magic shots. If you want to take a nice family photo in the parks, this may be a good option for you! But we didn’t find it necessary on our travels.

This magic move was an exception

Usually we just take pictures of our park with our phone or we buy an individual PhotoPass photo!

Learn more about the Disney World PhotoPass!

Genie+ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and EPCOT

We know this one can be a bit controversial… but we don’t think Genie+’s price tag is justified for Animal Kingdom or EPCOT! Listen to us! First off, there are a smaller number of Genie+ rides in Animal Kingdom/EPCOT compared to Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

frozen forever

In addition, the most popular attractions in these parks (currently Remy’s Ratatouille and Avatar Flight of Passage) are individual attraction selections, which are priced separately from Genie+. We just find it makes more sense to queue for the rides at these parks!

Did Genie+ ruin Disney World?

These were the 5 things we don’t think necessary for a successful trip to Disney World! Again, this is just based on our own experiences! As always, check back with us at All Ears for the latest Disney news!

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