Blue Demon Jr. withdrawn from upcoming Disney series that was once to bear his name


Blue Demon Jr. is out of an upcoming Disney show.

In January of this year, Disney Channel commissioned a coming-of-age series around Mexican Luchador Blue Demon Jr which was supposed to be built around a magical mask choosing Violet, 13, to become “Ultra,” Blue Demon Jr.’s superhero successor, who would have been his uncle on the show.

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Now this show should be called Ultra Violet And Black Scorpion and there is no presence of Blue Demon Jr in the series. Disney chose JR Villarreal as their new hero, The Black Scorpion.

From Disney:


JR Villarreal (“Akeela and the Bee”) has been cast as Cruz de la Vega, a luchador wrestling trainer with the secret superhero identity “Black Scorpion” in Disney Channel’s new live-action comedy series “Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion”. The series (formerly titled “Ultra Violet & Blue Demon”) stars Scarlett Estevez (“BUNK’D”) as Violet Rodriguez, a teenage Latinx girl chosen by a luchador magic mask to be a superhero, like her uncle, Black Scorpion.

The series also stars Marianna Burelli as Violet’s mother, Nina; Juan Alfonso as Violet’s father Juan Carlos; Brandon Rossel as Violet’s brother Santiago; Zelia Ankrum as Violet’s best friend Maya Miller-Martinez; and Bryan Blanco as Violet’s classmate Luis León.

Eric Garcia and Leo Chu will be executive producers and showrunners on “Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion”. Joe Nussbaum, Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit will also be executive producers.

Blue Demon Jr. was also supposed to be the show’s producer at some point.

“Blue Demon Jr. is a Mexican cultural icon and we look forward to presenting it – along with the luchador mythology – to our viewers,” Rafael Garcia, vice president of brand television development for Disney, said when the show first premiered. “Along with Violet and her family, we also have the opportunity to present an authentic Mexican-American family in a series that combines humor and adventure in a unique Latinx rework of the superhero genre.”

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