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After playing three seasons as Sophia in Disney’s “Sydney to the Max” TV seriesAmelia Wray took a break to focus on her music.

“I love everything,” Wray said of acting and singing.


Wray, 17, who grew up in Carmel, will perform at the July 30 “Boys of Summer” concert at Avondale Music Hall in Chicago. She will perform her single “Moved On” live for the first time. Wray wrote it with the help of singer-songwriter Audrey Paige. Eric Johnson and Marc Johnson, owners of The Pop Machine recording studio in Indianapolis, produced and recorded it. Wray will also sing two covers she selected in Chicago.

In preparation, Wray has the opportunity to perform as the opening act for Menudo in Las Vegas in November. Menudo started as a Puerto Rican boy band in 1977.

Wray is taking vocal lessons from former “American Idol” music supervisor Michael Orland.

“He was my vocal coach for years and I really thank him for his guidance,” she said. “Music makes me so happy. My goal is to make an EP (extended play album), so I write and I write.

Nonetheless, she said she misses filming and rehearsing a series.

Wray played a recurring character in five episodes of Season 1, 12 episodes of Season 2, and five episodes of Season 3.

The show finished filming Season 2 in February 2020, and the episodes were supposed to return six weeks later, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to that. When filming resumed in October 2022, it was quite different with the cast and crew required to wear face masks at all times except while filming, and the cast could not socialize.

“They didn’t even want us having lunch together,” Wray said. “During rehearsals, they made us wear the face shields. We were shooting a scene and the second they said cut, we had to put on our masks. We were tested for COVID every day.

The pandemic delay also meant that the child actors all looked older than expected when filming resumed.

“When we came back, we didn’t look like we were in eighth grade anymore,” Wray said.

During the pandemic, Wray appeared in a short segment that was part of the movie “Entanglement,” which included 12 shorts. His segment is a solo short titled “Isolation in Lockdown.” Her 10-minute part was filmed at her home.

“I play this girl who is trapped in the house during COVID,” Wray said. “This girl is going crazy. “I can’t take a break from my parents and siblings. I just need a place in my house to escape to where I don’t have to talk to anyone. “

The girl finds a cleaning closet in her basement.

“She makes an invisible friend, who is a mop she calls Leonard,” Wray said. “She fumes and talks to him like he’s a friend.”

Wray still auditions for television and film opportunities. If given the right opportunity, she said she would love to do another show.

“I probably wouldn’t even hesitate,” said Wray, who is still a year old in high school. “My goal is to get a movie or some other TV show, get a little more recognition, and then go do a show on Broadway.”

Wray’s twin brother, Mitchell, takes a break and works on fashion designs. The siblings are represented by the Osbrink agency.

For tickets to the Boys of Summer tour, visit Wray’s Instagram, @ameliawray.


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