Disney + announces 12 new Marvel series, more Star Wars, more Disney series… crazy!


Today is Disney + Day, and the Mickey Mouse company is celebrating it in style with a brutal discount on the subscription, and the announcement of dozens of series.

The issue of subscribers is not going very well, with less growth than expected, so Disney has decided to give everything on the day of Disney +. Just announced nearly 40 new series and filmsincluding a dozen new Marvel series, and other content.

Today he released the movies Jungle Cruise, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Dopesick.

And also a short film from The Simpsons paying homage to Disney, the Pixar short film Ciao Alberto, Olaf presents, new season of The world according to Jeff GoldBlum, and other surprises.

Disney + continues to broadcast news, such as its STAR channel. If you buy the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.

He also re-released 13 Marvel movies with the extended IMAX format, which has 26% more screen image.

Finally, from today until November 14 a subscription offer for only 1.99 euros the first month is in progress.

To close this second anniversary of the streaming platform, dozens of new series.

We do not know when is the superhero bubble going to burst (in my head it exploded a long time ago), but Disney is ready to exploit the reef to the fullest.

12 new Marvel series

Today announced a mountain of new series featuring superheroes, no release date. Most by 2022.

The exception is Hawk Eye, which arrives on November 24.

Spider-Man: Year One is an animated series that takes us back to the roots of the iconic character, as in his early comics.

Moon knight tells the story of a vigilante who has a personality disorder, and hides in him the strength of different Egyptian gods.

She-hulk is a comedy series starring Tatiana Maslany, the Hulk girl. Hulk and Abomination will also appear.

Ms. marvel is Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old player and artist who can’t find her place in the world … until she discovers her superpowers.

Marvel zombies, the Marvel universe, in zombie version. He will sweep …

Chased It will be a spin-off, with one of the characters from Hawkeye.

Stone heart tells the story of a genius inventor who builds an armor that… come on, like Iron Man, but we guess with an unexpected twist…

Secret invasion is a series centered on the Captain Marvel microuniverse, with the characters Nick Fury and Skrull Talos, and the great Samuel L. Jackson in the cast.

Amazon’s most powerful streaming app player, with WiFi 6, Dolby Vision and twice as fast.

X-MEN ’97 is an animated series that reinterprets the stories of the famous series of this saga, in the 90s.

Agatha: House of Harkness, the highly anticipated Wandavision spin-off starring Kathryn Hahn.

What if…? (Season 2) This is the second season that answers the question What if, do crazy things with Marvel characters.

i am groot These are short stories with Baby Groot.


Disney recalled that the series Obi wan kenobi will arrive in 2022.

Like willow, based on the delightful 80s movie.

Disney premieres

Greg’s Diary, the animated film, is released on December 3. Rodrick’s Rules, a second film, is dated 2022.

Disillusioned, Following Nice to meet you, It will arrive exclusively for Disney + next fall.

The Beatles: Come Back is a docuseries filmed by Peter Jackson, about the famous musical group. premieres November 25.

Pinocchio It is a film by the legendary Robert Zemeckis (Back to the future) which combines real image and animation. It will arrive in the fall of 2022.

Cars on the road It would be a series based on the famous Pixar saga.

Buck Wild’s Glacial Adventures is a new film based on the universe of the Ice Age. Premiere on January 28.

Sneakerella: Cinderella in slippers This is … this … the reinterpretation of the story of Cinderella in sneakers … February 18th.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Love is an open door outside the halls of East High (if that’s the full title) is the third season of the popular teen music show.

Baymax is a new series based on the movie Big Hero 6, and Zootopia +, in… Zootopia.

Tiana, an animated musical series, will arrive in 2023.

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a new series of mysterious adventures, based on famous books.

Fox and National Geographic releases

Welcome to earth is a nature documentary series presented by Will Smith, which will arrive on December 8.

america the beautiful, a documentary in 6 chapters on the landscapes of the American continent.

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, the famous actor tests the limits of the human body.

Prey is the new film in the Predator saga, which will take place in the heart of Comanche territory. It will air next summer.

Other Fox films include No Exit and comedies Princess, and Rosaline, after Romeo and Juliet.


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