Disney Dug Days series will let you revisit a beloved Pixar movie


While Dug starred in his own original short – “Dug’s Special Mission” – at the home video premiere, a new Disney + ad tells fans that Dug’s (dog) days are not behind him. . The first trailer for “Dug Days” shows Dug messing around around what appears to be Carl’s new home, destroying his patch of garden azaleas. After all this time, Dug still seems distraught, as Carl tries to correct the talking dog after saying he has “dug” the flowers. “You didn’t dig, you dug,” Carl says, while Dug responds curiously, “Yes? … I’m Dug.”

Russell, the intrepid Wilderness Explorer often mistaken for the “little mailman” by Dug’s canine companions in the film, is also returning from “Up” for “Dug Days”. Of course, there is also a squirrel in the series, which is presented simply as “Squirrel”. While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, it looks like Asner is back to voice Carl, while Russell’s voice remains a mystery. Nagai, now 21, was a boy when he provided the character’s voice, so it’s conceivable that he was replaced by another voice actor or that old vocal tracks were used.

One cast member who is sure to return is Peterson, who voiced Dug in addition to co-writing the screenplay. In a Disney and Pixar press announcement, it was revealed that Peterson was not only reprising the voice role of Dug, but that he also wrote and directed the shorts “Dug Days”. In a statement, Peterson reflected on the enduring appeal of his canine alter-ego.

“Dug has a pure heart – he’s a good soul. I think people appreciate that part of Dug,” Peterson said. “Plus, people love their dogs. We’ve gone to great lengths to include the truth in dog behavior, so that they will see their own dogs in Dug.”

All “Dug Days” shorts begin airing on Disney + on September 1.


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