Disney series “Baymax!” showing a trans man buying vintage goods wins hearts


Disney’s new animated series “Baymax!” is praised for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity. The series leader is the inflatable robot, Baymax, from “Big Hero 6”. The scene winning hearts online shows Baymax shopping for vintage goods at a local store. Baymax asks another customer for help, and a few others who hear him jump in to make their own suggestions. One of the customers stepping in to help appears to be a transmask person and they can be seen wearing a trans flag top, reported New roses. There’s also another scene in the show that deals with menstruation, and it helps normalize periods. Many people praised the scenes and the series for normalizing a trans person buying period products and for normalizing menstruation.

While some questioned why the scene was included in the series, a user reminded everyone, “Baymax is literally a robotic nurse. IT’S HIS JOB TO ATTEND SOMEONE’S MEDICAL NEEDS.” another user agreed“Baymax said trans rights and I think that’s totally in his character.” The trans community has firmly rallied behind the series. “The trans community is now riding or dying for Baymax, our inflatable ally,” wrote another user.

The scene at the local store occurs in the third episode when middle schooler Sofia starts her period and Baymax gets her period products at the store. Later, in another scene, Sofia can be seen sitting alone in the bathroom, worried about the changes she will go through after her first period. Baymax stays by her side and consoles Sofia and reminds her that she will continue to be the person she is, and tells her that periods are part of getting older.

The animated series was a huge positive for Disney, after facing criticism for refusing to take a stand against Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law. Fans and staff have called out the company for refusing to take a stand against the anti-LGBTQ bill. A group of anonymous Disney employees had alleged that the company had made a habit of removing LGBTQ+ content from its films. After much pressure and backlash, the company backtracked and announced that it would fight the law.

As we reported, Pixar’s “Turning Red” was also hailed for pushing the boundaries of storytelling as it tackled a variety of topics including periods, sexuality, crushes, and teenage rebellion. Therapists are praising the film for potentially starting conversations about topics widely considered taboo. “Turning Red” shows the main character, 13-year-old Mei Lee, going through adolescence and it’s a refreshing change to see menstruation handled with such sensitivity while also normalizing it. Menstruation is rarely discussed at home, so therapists think this movie could be a conversation starter on the topic for kids.

Going Red/Pixar

Mei Lee is also shown rebelling against her parents, lying and sneaking around, much like many teenagers do. Like most Disney movies, “Turning Red” is also a coming-of-age story with a big character arc. In the case of Mei Lee, she is a 2nd generation Chinese-American girl and we see her coming to terms with cultural norms while finding herself and her voice. In the film, when the teenager transforms into a red panda for the first time, she hides in the bathroom and her mother, anticipating that she is having her first period, obtains her sanitary napkins. Therapists believe the scene is a great way for parents to start the conversation about periods with their children. “Of all the things parents have to worry about when it comes to raising children, normal bodily function like menstruation shouldn’t be one of them,” said Elizabeth Schroeder, a New York-based sex educator. . “There is so much shame in the way bodies function that we should be celebrating them instead.” Normalizing periods helps girls become more confident during their teenage years and avoid associating shame with periods.

You can catch “Baymax!” streaming on Disney+.


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