Disney World attraction is officially gone for good, final signs removed


The long and interminable death of Stitch’s Great Escape at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is finally over after park staff recently removed the last sign. Stitch’s Great Escapewhich was just a child-friendly redesign of the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in Tomorrowland, has been closed since 2018. There have long been rumors of a Ralph’s Wrecks attraction replacing it.

During the weekend, WDW News Today photos published from the outside Stitch’s Great Escape, indicating that the sign indicating the waiting time at the entrance has been removed. It had been hung with a tarp over it for years as a reminder of what was once there. After Stitch’s Great Escape closed, Disney continued to use the building for the Lilo & Stitch character encounters, but these were discontinued with the COVID-19 shutdown. Although dating is set to return soon, it likely won’t be back outdoors Stitch’s Great Escape.

Before Stitch’s Great Escape permanently closed in 2018, WDW News Today reported that Walt Disney Imagineering was developing a Ralph’s Wrecks– themed attraction to fill this spot. In March 2020, the outlet discovered that work permits had been filed to demolish facilities inside the building. The theater-in-the-round structure will still be intact, but the Wreck-It Ralph version will have video game controllers for each guest during the show.

the Stitch’s Great Escape building has a long history in the Magic Kingdom. It originally housed Mission to Mars until 1993. Two years later, this show was replaced by alien encounter, one of Michael Eisner’s infamous attempts to make the theme park more appealing to young adults. Although the show gained a cult following, it was long considered an exception among Disney attractions because it was so frightening. alien encounter closed in 2003, then reopened in 2004 as Stitch’s Great Escape. Not much has changed, but Stitch replaced the horrific alien in alien encounter. Always, Stitch’s Great Escape felt like a slap-dash, lazy replacement. In 2016 it switched to seasonal operation and was last operated in January 2018. The main panel was in place until August 2020, and photos recently appeared on Twitter show that much of the interior is still intact.

Earlier this month, Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy confirmed that encounters will soon return to all parks. During the pandemic, fans were only allowed to “character view” indoors from social distance so fans could take selfies with their favorite characters. Guests can, however, come into close contact with characters at Disneyland Paris. The 3 of March, DLP Report shared a photo of a guest hugging Winnie the Pooh at the park, which no longer has a mask requirement.


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