Disney World is bringing back a pre-pandemic favorite (which could lead to increased attendance)


waltz disney (SAY) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report The world shut down for a brief period during the worst of the pandemic. When it reopened, it was not business as usual. At first there were capacity limits, temperature checks, mask requirements and social distancing, and many areas remained closed.

When the company’s four theme parks in Florida opened after their pandemic-related closures, Covid still weighed heavily on park operations. Lines moved quickly due to limited park attendance, but traveled long distances as the company tried to encourage social distancing.

Rides also had plexiglass between parties, and in some cases seats were left empty to separate people from each other. Food was ordered and paid for digitally, and indoor spaces had capacity limits, leading to queues outside stores.

Perhaps the most notable difference, however, was that fireworks, shows and parades stopped because they encouraged people to stand in the same place close to each other.

The fireworks returned weeks ago and most of the shows, music acts and performances returned.

And now Disney World has a plan to bring back the last missing piece of the puzzle – the parades.

Why are the parades important to Disney Guests?

While Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and, most certainly, Epcot (Drinking Around the World) cater to adults in some way, Magic Kingdom remains a family park. Disney’s original Florida theme park still only serves alcohol in restaurants (not while you’re strolling through the park) and many of its rides work better for kids.

The challenge with young (and some not so young) kids at the Magic Kingdom is that most of the rides in the park require quite a long wait. Even on less busy days, a ride like “Pirates of the Caribbean” or even “It’s a Small World” requires waiting between half an hour and an hour, while more popular rides like “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train” may require a wait twice as long. That’s a long wait for a 4-6 minute ride.

Shows and parades round out the Disney experience without requiring a long wait. Yes, you need to stake out a good spot for a parade, but it’s usually not that difficult. And you could stay a few minutes in exchange for your kids being entertained longer than most rides last. Mom and dad can at least relax a bit.

Parades expose Disney theme park guests to many of their favorite characters without the long waits required for photo ops. You can, of course, also take photos and feel like you’ve done something more meaningful than waiting in a queue.

Disney World is finally bringing back the parades

“On February 11, Disney’s Adventure Friends Cavalcade will land on the Main Street parade route. The new production will feature “nearly 30” Disney and Pixar characters, including the Magic Kingdom debut of Miguel from “Coco,” Robert Niles reported to Theme Park Insider.

Walt Disney previously announced that the parades would return to the Magic Kingdom, but this is the first time the company has confirmed their return. It’s worth noting that the parades have been delayed until the end of the holiday season (when Disney probably had no trouble selling all available Magic Kingdom tickets).

In addition to the parades, Disney will bring back its live shows which take place at the park’s iconic castle.

“On February 25, Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire will debut on the forecourt stage of Cinderella’s Castle. The show will feature a new original song called “Where the Magic Feels Like Home,” as well as a new finale featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends. friends in their 50th anniversary ‘EARidescent’ (Disneyland Paris grimaces) outfits,” Niles wrote.

The return of shows and parades may be the latest shoe drop that has families pulling the trigger on delayed visits to Disney World.

As the Covid omicron variant fades (hopefully) and the pandemic becomes less of a concern, returning parades and shows may be the last incentive for people who see themselves spending thousands of dollars on Disney vacations worth the penalty.

And that – along with new rides, restaurants and experiences – could lead to a major jump in attendance in 2022.


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