Disney World Reveals BIG NEWS About Disney Dining Plan in 2023


disney worldThe 2023 vacation packages have just been made available to guests and they have revealed some big news about the disney To eat To plan.

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The disney To eat To plan has long been a favorite addition to a disney world holidays for guests of all ages. The to plan allowed customers the flexibility to enjoy a day at a time Walt disney world amusement park without all the worries and hassles to eat options. When it was time to sit down for a mealCustomers can use disney To eat Plans to cover the costs of a mealand every meal subtracted from the number of “credits” a Guest had, depending on the to plan they had bought.

Table service Restaurants like Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Cinderella’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom, and 1900 Park Fare at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort had a higher value than fast service restaurants, but both were included in the to eat to plan, as are snacks. The guests got to know the to eat plans, and many knew what options, like character to eat, used more credits. Blueprints were available for maximum use disney world Restaurantsand as usual, make a advance to eat reservation only helped the whole process.

There was even a Disney Deluxe dining plan that gave guests even more flexibility and options.

Chef Mickey's

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But Disney suspended the disney world Seaside resort To eat To plan in March 2020 when the parks closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But when the parks disney world reopened in July 2020, the disney To eat To plan didn’t come back. Since then, guests have been wondering if and when Disney will bring back guests’ favorite vacation package option.

And although we wish we could announce that the 2023 disney world vacation packages, which just became available for booking on Wednesday, included the disney To eat To plan which could be used for fast service meal options and table service meal options, rather the opposite is true.

Salmon royalty

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From the offerings disney worldthe official website ofit is clear that the disney To eat To plan will not be available as an add-on for the foreseeable future of park planning. And that’s not the only thing that’s not available.

As has been pointed out previously, Customers will not be able to pre-purchase the Genie+ option when they book their vacation packages. Instead, guests will have the option to purchase Genie+ in the My Disney Experience application every day if they want to use these benefits and services.


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The one thing many guests hoped would go away in 2023 is clearly here to stay through next year. disney worldit is Park Pass Reservation System rolled out when the parks reopened in July 2020, and many believed it would be a temporary arrangement to manage park capacity as the world recovers from the global pandemic. But the Park Pass system is still operational, and it will continue to be the way of the world (Disney) until at least 2023.

In some cases, Disney even imposes “no-show” penalties for visitors who book a Park Pass and then do not show up at the Disneyland parks.

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It remains to be seen when dining plan options will become part of the additions for Disney World Vacation Packages, and while it sometimes seems hopeless, we’re still holding out hope that dining plans will return — and sooner, rather than later !


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