Disney World “secrets” of former workers – hidden tunnel to code words


The popular Disney World entertainment resort has earned its reputation as “the happiest place on earth” after years of fun for kids and adults alike.

Disney is world famous for its parks that bring fan-favorite characters to life, but there seem to be secrets hidden behind the magic…

Let’s explore the mystery behind the attractions owned by the multinational media and entertainment company. Here are some supposed Disney World “secrets” revealed by former workers, from hidden tunnels to unknown code words.

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Former Employees Spill Disney World ‘Secrets’

Behind the costumed characters, fun food, and thrilling fairground attractions, Walt Disney World Florida has many staff members who work hard to keep the magic alive.

However, when employees leave their paid positions at the park, supposed “secrets” soon begin to spread, many of which can be found floating around on social media.

Former Disney World employees report that in addition to the standard Mickey Mouse ears and movie cameras brought into the park, some attendees even bring the remains of deceased loved ones.

Many employees report seeing guests throwing ashes on Disney property. This happened in particular in the Haunted Mansion, a dark ride attraction.

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One employee took his particular scary situation to Reddit as he shared his previous experience of attendees using the room as a burial ground:

“Please, PLEASE leave your cremated loved ones at home. Stop dumping them in the Haunted Mansion. They just get sucked up and disposed of.

Another staff member even suggested that by scattering ashes at Disney you won’t come back:

“You are banished for life for this, and the ashes are cleaned, or the water is poured out. If you respect the remains of your loved one, do not do this.

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Have you ever noticed security watching you while you enjoy a day at Disney Park? Probably not, as many of them apparently wear simple clothes to blend in with the rest of the crowd.

To maintain “The Happiest Place On Earth” while keeping the magic alive for every guest, Best Life reports that undercover agents are everywhere.

A Redditor suggests secret security in Disneyland sports tourist-style outfits so they “fit in perfectly”. Therefore:

“It’s almost impossible to be anywhere in the park without being in sight of a security guard, uniformed or not.”

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Hidden tunnel and revealed passwords

Incident-to-employee passwords also exist at Disney World. To keep the peace with customers, staff members use discreet communication to announce emergencies.

A former Disney employee commented on Reddit:

“When you talk into headsets, you’re supposed to use different codes for things; for example, a medical situation was usually a “balloon” for blood. »

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Disney World’s colorful and clean decor is maintained by a secret tunnel used to remove trash from the park.

An insider spoke to Reddit about Magic Kingdom’s state-of-the-art automated vacuum-assisted picking system:

“There’s a ‘tunnel’ underneath (it’s actually the first floor, the second and third floors are what you see in the park) and the AVACS is a series of tubes that connects all the restaurants to the main landfill which is behind Splash Mountain. Trash is taken under the park so guests don’t have to see or smell it. It’s really cool.”

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The Tree of Life is not so natural

The Tree of Life is a 145-foot (44 m) sculpture of a baobab tree located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney describes the sculpture as “an epic visual symbol of the diversity, beauty, and interconnected nature of Earth’s creatures.”

However, there is something quite abnormal about this attraction as the artificial shaft was built on a renovated 14-story oil rig.

Best Life reports that according to the Chicago Tribune, the 145-foot creation is covered in more than 100,000 leaves that are each over a foot long. The trunk of the tree is concrete, not wood.

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