Disney World video gives new look at building Tron Lightcycle Ride


A new video shared on Twitter shows the ongoing construction of Disney World’s Tron Lightcycle Run, a roller coaster based on the Tron franchise.

New video shows ongoing construction of Disney World’s tron Lightcycle Run, a new rollercoaster. The roller coaster is based on the tron film franchise, consisting of 1982 tron and the 2010s tron the legacy. Both films star Jeff Bridges and revolve around his character, Kevin Flynn, drawn into the digital world of video games where he is forced to participate in gladiator-style games, one of which features the distinctive tron light cycles. Neon-accented light cycles are used in what amounts to a multiplayer version of Snake, as the cycles leave trails of light behind them, with opponents losing if they hit each other’s trailing light.


Disney World has begun construction of the tron Lightcycle Run, which will allow runners to attach themselves to a lightcycle, allowing them to cross the digital border. the tron rollercoaster is a new addition to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom of Disney World, which is perfect for tronthe futuristic aesthetic of. In a new video shared on Twitter by Youtuber WDWthe tron Lightcycle Run is seen under construction, with unique curved designs that will help bring the world of the movies to life. To verify Youtuber WDWthe video below:

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the tron Lightcycle Run was originally scheduled to open for Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration, which kicked off in October 2021. However, the roller coaster is still under construction, with no known opening date. Yet Shanghai Disney already offers a similar tron roller coaster, letting riders know what to expect from the look and launch configuration. More details on the tron The Lightcycle race will be coming as construction continues.

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Source: Youtuber WDW

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