Guest claims child was molested during Disney show


A Disney guest was recently charged with assault after he was shoved and yelled at at a Disney World night show.

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Even at “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, tensions can be high and fights can break out. When you visit Walt Disney World Resort, you tend to imagine the perfect vacation for all ages. From rides and attractions to shows and restaurants, there are so many great opportunities to have fun at Disney World.

However, not everything is always positive at the Disney parks and with so many guests visiting every day, you are bound to encounter some rude or possibly violent ones during your stay. As indicated in a Reddit post, which is exactly what happened to a guest the other day while watching the nightly fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom. Please note that this is according to the guest and not confirmed by official investigation.

See their full statement below:

Alleged assault and my experience with Magic Kingdom security and police involvement [story / advice]

Tonight while on Main Street (roped up) watching the fireworks, when the lights went out a few people tried to hide under the rope without any CM seeing. While doing so, they climbed on it and tried to push a member of our party out of their way.

They refused to budge, at which point a few nasty words were exchanged. Another member of our party chimed in and things escalated to some abusive language (mostly in Spanish from them) and an insistence from us that they just can’t get people out of the way when they’re waiting, in a good place for over and hour.

Things calmed down, but at the end of the show, we were approached by park security.

The people trying to get in claimed that one of us had molested their child and they wanted the police involved. In fact, no one was mugged, other than maybe a slight push back – only to stop being stepped on though.

This meant we had to go to the security office and talk to both park security and the police to sort everything out.

The cops were fine. There was a CM who witnessed what happened and made a statement on our behalf/in our favor and we were fired. Everything was dropped and sorted in 20 minutes.

We had young children and the security team were great – offering us water at Micky bars etc. while we waited.

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Credit: Disney

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As you can read, the situation unfolded on Main Street, USA, during the Magic Kingdom nighttime fireworks show, when a guest started pushing a member of another group. The guests were trying to squeeze under a rope and in doing so they stepped on it and tried to push a band member out of their way.

This resulted in vulgar language until security eventually surfaced. The people who started the conflict went to security and claimed the group they pushed assaulted their child, making it their fault. Fortunately, a cast member witnessed the entire interaction and was able to tell the story to the police.

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Credit: Inside the Magic

Further down in the post, the guest also gives some advice on how to handle situations such as these:

  1. Cooperate and choose your battles. Don’t stay on the main street and try to talk it over with the CMs. They’re just trying to keep people safe and defuse.

  2. Talk to people near you and ask them if they saw anything or took a video in case they could be a witness for you.

  3. Ask clear questions about what needs to happen and what you need to do to avoid any misunderstandings.

It’s worth noting that guests should report any illegal activity they encounter to Disney, and in cases like this, contacting a Cast Member is the right course of action.

Please note that the story described in this article is based on the personal experience of visitors to Disney Parks. No two guest experiences are the same, and this article does not necessarily reflect Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney park operations.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

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