Have you heard of these rules for Disney World Food Service cast members?


It’s no secret that the amazing Cast Members of Walt Disney World aren’t just magic makers, but truly part of the magic. From Animal Kingdom guest relations staff to Disney hotel office staff, Walt Disney World Resort transportation operators and water park cast members, the Disney difference is obvious to all. levels in interactions with cast members at Walt Disney World. Disney theme parks are a cut above other theme park vacation destinations. The Walt Disney Company knows that great staff is a key part of the Disney experience.

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As you can imagine, there is major training to become a cast member at Walt Disney World. In addition to learning the methods of the Disney Company’s customer service model, Cast Members are given lists of professional do’s and don’ts. Every cast member, even the ones you might not think of, has rules to follow. Dining at Walt Disney World is an integral part of a vacation for many Guests.

Have you heard of these rules for Disney World Dining Service Cast Members?

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Cast Members working in catering are not allowed to literally point Guests in a certain direction in quick service restaurants. Because pointing with an index finger is considered rude in some cultures, you’ll still see Cast Members in restaurants and at Disney parks directing visitors with a two-finger point.

Coined “the Disney point” by some guests, cast members direct guests by pointing to both their middle and index fingers instead of just their index fingers. I have to admit, I love the sleek look of this method, and it works well on the crowds at every Disney park. It must also be customary, as former cast members have made well-meaning jokes about accidentally deferring to Disney’s point when directing people in the real world.

Food taste tests are essential

Taste of Epcot

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According to a former cast member on Reddit, cast members working in catering at Walt Disney World are required to taste everything on the menu at their workplace. Sounds like a fun and delicious work requirement, if I do say so myself. But honestly, it makes sense that Disney wants Cast Members to be able to accurately explain the food, drinks, and snacks sold in a restaurant or on snack carts around Walt Disney World Resort.

While we can’t say if this pattern of training is ongoing, the former cast member shared that tasting Walt Disney World food was an integral part of training when she held her position at Walt Disney World. about twenty years ago. Katiebug86 shared “I was a trainer for several places on Main Street, USA in the 2000s including the Dole Whip cart.” While Katiebug86 worked in her role training cast members at Walt Disney World, food sampling was part of the training to ensure cast members could give accurate explanations of how the food tasted. food when guests requested it.

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Do not eat in public

Do not eat

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This next rule comes as no surprise to many. After all, many public jobs in society prohibit employees from eating when interacting with customers or customers. In this way, Disney is no different. It is even forbidden for the Cast Members of the catering service to eat in front of the Guests. It certainly makes sense. Plus, if you’ve seen lines at Disney restaurants, you wonder, like me, when a cast member would sneak in for a millisecond for a chance to eat a snack. After all, the restaurants and snack carts at Walt Disney World are usually pretty slammed. No wonder the Cast Members aren’t snacking on Mickey-shaped snacks on the clock.

Verification of jewelry


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Technically, this rule is not limited to Cast Members working in catering at Walt Disney World. While many of us like to show off our favorite colors, styles, or even Disney characters in our jewelry, there are limits to the amount of accessories Cast Members can make on the clock. Take a minute to think, you’ve never seen a Cast Member with eye-catching jewelry like long draped necklaces or dangling earrings because it’s against the policy. Limiting jewelry is part of maintaining the clean Disney look. Limiting jewelry not only helps Cast Members stay true to their role, the park or terrain they’re working in, but also creates fewer distractions for guests. Plus, it’s just plain safer when working in high-risk roles like around transport vehicles or in food service at a restaurant or around a kitchen.

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Neutral colors


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Speaking of the quest to maintain the Disney look, there are also notable rules so cast members don’t go too crazy with nail or hair colors. Overall, the cast members are expected to have only highlights or natural-looking hair color. When it comes to manicures, Cast Members are limited to no nail polish, natural colors, or clear polish. This growing facial hair is also under scrutiny to maintain facial hair that does not exceed a maximum of a quarter inch in length. While this is also a comprehensive rule that extends from food service workers to amusement ride operators and beyond, it is sure to be more hygienic from a food service perspective.

Rules exist for a reason, and working at Walt Disney World in any capacity can be a fun and rewarding experience. Working in guest relations at favorite resorts like Grand Floridian Resort or Disney’s Wilderness Lodge or even being part of the magic at a theme park like working in World Showcase at EPCOT or Animal Kingdom would be unforgettable. While working in the catering industry at a Disney restaurant might not be your first choice, you may just want to reconsider your decision after hearing about these career benefits.

Park pass


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A huge perk of working in catering at Walt Disney World is, of course, the free park passes. Do attraction rides at Magic Kingdom, hang out under floating mountains at Animal Kingdom and experience Star Wars magic for free at Hollywood Studios? Sign me up! Former employees in restaurant worker positions on Indeed.com consistently cited free park passes as a huge perk they enjoyed during their time working at Walt Disney World.

Of course, the hours get long, standing all day can be a pain, and guests can sometimes be difficult to manage. However, former Disney World food service employees consistently mention in reviews how much they valued their co-workers and how much they enjoyed playing the parks for free when they weren’t on time.

Food Testing Lab Selection

DCA Food and Wine Festival

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A literal dream for any foodie, who wouldn’t die to see inside the Disney Flavor Lab? Going to the Disney Flavor Lab at Walt Disney World would be a lifetime achievement for us Disney Dining nerds. It turns out that Cast Members who work in catering at Walt Disney World are sometimes selected to test out new menu items and drinks as they are developed.

Once new foods and beverages have been brainstormed and recipes have been developed, Disney goes through a stage of development testing and tweaking as they finalize the recipes and give the foods and beverages a perfect magic touch. Naturally, they need expert taste testers to make suggestions on changes to new foods. This is where Food Service Cast Members come in.

DCA Food and Wine Festival

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Can you imagine having the chance to sample small plates that will be served at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival or the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival? Menu items that adorn menus at quick-service restaurants, festival booths and eateries around the Walt Disney World property are all tested for the first time in the Disney Flavor Lab. That’s a pretty amazing job benefit!


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