Influencer sits on woman’s feet at Disney World to watch fashion show


Mickey and Minnie wouldn’t approve!

Florida’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office released a police report that was filed last year after a self-proclaimed Instagram influencer intentionally sat on another woman’s feet while watching a parade at the Magic Kingdom, according to WDNT.

The incident took place on October 2, 2021, just a day after the beloved theme park’s 50th anniversary celebration kicked off.

Apparently, to get a better view during Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade – a shorter version of a parade, with floats, characters and dancers – a woman who would describe herself as an influencer sat on the feet of a another front row guest closest to the Main Street, USA, theme park area – a prime real estate park for parade viewing.

Frustrated, the woman shifted her feet under the weight of the influencer and backed away, losing her spot.

During this time, the influencer kept her feet on the pavement, which is a big safety issue when riding giant floats. A Magic Kingdom cast member twice asked her to take her feet off the sidewalk, but the influencer reportedly ignored them.

When the woman the influencer sat on then told the influencer that she needed to move so the cavalcade could proceed safely, the influencer reportedly stood up and said, “I I heard. Who do you think you’re shouting at?”

Disney on YouTube

Disney on YouTube

The influencer then bragged about having 20,000 followers on Instagram and tapped on the other woman’s sunglasses.

When a theme park official arrived, they again asked the influencer to move away and noted that the other woman and her family had been there first.

“So this is what it’s all about?” the influencer allegedly shouted, according to the police report.

Eventually, the woman and her family left to find another place to see the event, but the influencer started following them. It was then that the unidentified woman contacted the Disney World security team, who called the sheriff’s office to report a battery incident.

Once the agents arrived, however, the influencer was nowhere to be found.

The woman declined to sue.

This isn’t the first time tension between guests has escalated at an event or parade or even an attraction at Walt Disney World. Earlier this year, an all-out brawl broke out at Magic Kingdom park, although it’s unclear what sparked the fight.

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