Is Amphibia renewed for season 4? The Fate of Disney series confirmed by its creator


Has the hit animated series Amphibia been renewed for a season 4 and what are the chances of a spin-off series being produced at Disney?

There aren’t many anime series (outside of Japanese anime) that can not only trend globally on social media, but do so consistently over multiple years.

That’s how special Amphibia was; with Disney’s hit series Froggy now gearing up for its Season 3 finale later today – see here for the release breakdown.

However, as with any major final, the global community immediately looks to what the future holds; will a show return for another adventure or is it time for final farewells?

Unfortunately, Amphibia has not been renewed for Season 4, with creator Matt Braly previously confirming that the third chapter will be the series finale.

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Amphibia will not return for season 4, confirms the creator

As rumors and false posts spread like wildfire on social media, Amphibia creator Matt Braly has now repeatedly stated that the series will end with the season 3 finale (episode 18).

In August 2020, Braly did an Ask Me Anything on Redditwhere he revealed that “it [series] is a story in 3 acts” and that “I structured the story in 3 [seasons] currently.”

Interestingly, Braly claimed here that this was the plan since Amphibia production began, but that “There was never a guarantee that we would have 3 seasons, so I would never judge another showrunner of do things differently.”

“It’s a three-season story, it’s always been on my mind. This show is obsessed with number three, it’s crazy three. There’s three girls, there’s three races, there’s three gems And three seasons just felt right to me, but also, there’s a bit of narrative momentum that, to me, required resolution.—Matt Braly, via The envelope.

The show’s storyboard artist, Alex Swanson, would also confirm that season 3 would be the last airing, stating on Twitter how “the last season of Amphibia starts this Saturday” in March 2022.

Sadly, Amphibia’s fate and all hopes for Season 4 were then dashed as part of the recent press campaign for the final episodes of the third installment.

Talk to Screen Rant, Braly would say “All In” is about 48 minutes long, so that’s even longer than a 44-minute episode. And “The Hardest Thing” is about 29 minutes long, which makes it way longer than a 22-minute episode. You put those two together, and you’ll get the series finale right there.

“And as far as those two episodes go, the team put so much love and care and effort into those stories and their execution. I’m still working on them right now, and I’m blown away at the animation and voice acting performances. They really are something special, and I’m immensely proud of them. I can’t wait for people to see the escalation and conclusion of these three seasons. — Matt Braly, via Screen Rant.

Finally, Amphibia’s fate was again reaffirmed by Braly on Twitter with him tagging “The Hardest Thing” (S3 ep 18) as the “#amphibia series finale” and that “This will be the last promo I will do for the show.”

An Amphibia spin-off series remains a distinct possibility

Based on all available information from the creator of Amphibia, the series will never return for a frog fourth season; however, there is a chance that the franchise itself will return with spinoffs.

Talk to The envelopeBraly said “It’s the kind of world I’m more than happy to revisit if it makes sense for where we leave the characters at the end of Season 3.”

“I obviously can’t speak in detail about all of this, but as long as it keeps the spirit of this stuff intact, I have no problem. If Disney ever wants to do shorts or little spinoffs, I’m great at that stuff. I like comics, I like books. I would love to do some book art, that’s my next pitch that I’m going to try to push forward. – Matt Braly, via The envelope.

Any possibility of a spin-off series would be encouraged by the very successful Shorts segments that were released alongside the main series:

  • “Teen Girl in a Frog World” (2019), five episodes
  • “Wild Amphibia” (2019), four episodes
  • “Chibi Tiny Tales” (2020-22), eight episodes
  • “Disney Theme Song Takeover” (2020-21), three episodes
  • “Vlogs of the Swamp” (2021), six episodes

However, it looks like Braly already has his mind set on his next project, which we’re sure the entire Amphibia community will support and support as much as the iconic series. As he explained to Screen Rant“Like any creative, I have a million ideas, and I search within myself which of them calls me the strongest.”

“It’s a very exciting time for animation. I think a lot of people are pushing the medium in really exciting ways. Without going into details, I would really like to try a limited series or a movie; something more epic and on a grander scale, because I had so much fun doing these big, dramatic episodes of Amphibia. Whether it’s “True Colors” or our Season 3 finale duet, “All In” and “The Hardest Thing”, these have been so enjoyable to work with. I think I discovered that I really liked this space. – Matt Braly, via Screen Rant.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected].media

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