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LAURELVILLE – A man from Hocking County appears in a new online reality show on the Disney + streaming platform.

Dustin Weatherby, originally from Bellefontaine, Ohio and now living in Laurelville with his wife Raven, appeared on Disney + ‘s new reality show, “Foodtastic.” The episodes premiered on the streaming service on December 15.

Hosted by Keke Palmer, “Foodtastic” is a series of international competitions in which teams of artists create Disney-inspired scenes entirely from food, according to a press release.

Weatherby works as a sculptor and herbal health coach. He worked in a variety of sculpture mediums, he said. With his passion for health and food, the show seemed to marry his two professional interests.

“I basically tell people I can do anything with anything,” Weatherby explained. “My main material that I use is wood, like in woodcarving. I do a lot of steel fabrication. I have built animatronics for haunted houses and theme parks.

Weatherby is also a professional ice sculptor and pumpkin carver, he said. On “Foodtastic,” he competed in a team of three, the “Sculptinators,” with Elaine Li, a pastry chef from Columbus, and Oba Rhodes Jordan, another pumpkin carver and culinary sculptor from Hamilton.

“Foodtastic” isn’t Weatherby’s first time in reality TV production. He also appeared on the History Channel 2008 show “Surviving History”, where he and others created “torture devices and weapons from the Spanish Inquisition and medieval times,” he said. declared.

“I like participating (on TV) because I’ve been doing carving demonstrations for years, like (wood) carvings, ice carvings, and pumpkin carvings,” Weatherby said. “And I also do demonstrations at different events. “

As for local businesses, Weatherby said he and his wife were working on opening an eponymous short-term rental in Hocking Hills with an art, nature and nutrition theme called Ravens Retreat.

“We really focused on (mental health) as well as physical well-being,” Weatherby said. “Mental health services are as much, if not more important, than physical health. So we try to include them all in a systematic way to help people improve their overall fitness. “

Raven has three medical degrees, including a nursing degree, Weatherby said. The retreat is about teaching people a healthy lifestyle from head to toe, even starting with the choices made at the grocery store, he said.

The couple also work to provide plant-based pizza toppings at a restaurant in Laurelville, he added. They are also enthusiastic mixed martial arts (MMA) practitioners, he said.

Weatherby has been eagerly awaiting the premiere of “Foodtastic,” he said, although he could not yet share results and program details. He enjoyed appearing in the show, which was filmed in Los Angeles, and meeting other artists.

“It was really interesting because there were a lot of really talented artists on the show from different backgrounds,” Weatherby said. “I came into the team with knowledge of many different materials, steel and wood as well as engineering. We have a really strong team for the show.

The Weatherby episode was themed on Star Wars, where “‘Foodtastic’ culinary artists help a rebellious mechanic defeat the Galactic Empire,” a Disney + representative said in an email.

More information on Weatherby’s work, Sculptdecor, can be found on his website, Instagram @sculptdecor, and Dustin Weatherby’s YouTube channel. “Foodtastic” premiered December 15 on Disney +.

. Keri Johnson is a reporter for the Logan Daily News.


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