‘Lucifer’s Scarlett Estevez Becomes Luchadora Superhero in Disney Series Trailer


Based on first trailer for New Original TV Series Ultra violet and black scorpionDisney is eager to embrace Latin culture in a fun and positive way.

The Disney Channel series stars Scarlett Estevez (Lucifer) as Violet Rodriguez, a teenage girl who becomes a superhero named Ultra Violet when she puts on a magical luchador mask. To support her, her superhero uncle, Black Scorpion (JR Villarreal).

The series was created by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. The two worked together on the 2019 script Pokémon Detective Pikachu and 2021 The Addams Family 2. They also wrote several episodes of the remake of One day at a time.

“Meet Ultra Violet, the Latina Superhero [Benji Samit] and I created for Disney Channel!! Played by the shining [Scarlett Estevez],” Hernandez tweeted. “I know you’re going to like it.”

In the trailer, a magical purple mask appears in Violet’s bed after she sees it for purchase in a marketplace. “I know this may sound a little crazy, but…the mask chose me.”

To get the most out of her new crime-fighting role, she decides she needs to team up (and mask up) with her uncle, who is already an established vigilante superhero. He decides to take her under his wing and train her. She’s keeping her fans up to date on her adventures via social media and suggests her uncle start naming his signature fighting moves something that could go viral, like #ScorpionSting.

Ultra violet and black scorpion premieres June 3, 2022 on Disney Channel.


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