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Luke Busey is in the family business, which you’ll see for yourself if you tune in to the season six premiere of the Disney Channel comedy series “Bunk’d.”

Luke is the 12-year-old son of actor Gary Busey and actress/comedian Steffanie Busey, and he was damn born into the business. Luke said he was 2 months old when his mom’s sales agent asked if she wanted Luke to start auditioning. Sure!

“And since then I’ve been auditioning,” Luke said in a recent Zoom interview.

One of those auditions landed her a role in “Bunk’d,” a spinoff of Disney Channel’s “Jessie” that ran for more seasons than its predecessor.

After four seasons of city life on “jessy“, some of the young actors of this show went to Camp Kikiwaka to launch “Bunk’d”. The cast has continued to evolve. Luke will be among the new cast members making their debut when “Bunk’d” changes to a new setting — a dude ranch in Dusty Tush, Wyoming — for a season six premiere Friday, June 10 at 6:30 p.m.

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Luke’s character is Jake. Coincidentally, he has an older brother named Jake (Jake Busey is 50) who is an actor.

“Now my dad has two Jakes,” Luke said.

About Jake “Bunk’d”: “He’s a video gamer who came to camp to get away from video games,” said Luke. “His mom sent him to camp because he literally went on like a 27-hour bender.”

Other new cast members are Shiloh Verrico as daredevil camper Winnie and Alfred Lewis as Bill, who aspires to be a cowboy like his ancestor. The ancestor is Bill Pickett, a real-life rodeo hall of famer who performed at 101 Wild West Ranch shows in Oklahoma and is buried in Oklahoma (Marland).

Oklahoma’s legitimate bloodline link to “Bunk’d” is Luke, whose father graduated from Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa. Raised in California, Luke said he vaguely remembers visiting Tulsa when he was 6 or 7 years old.

Gary Busey’s filmography of over 50 years includes an appearance in the local cult classic “Mazeppa” at the dawn of his career and an Oscar nomination for his starring role in “The Buddy Holly Story” in 1978.

Luke, who was asked if he knew of his parents’ work in entertainment, said he had seen a few of his father’s films. Among the favorites: “Rookie of the Year”, “Lethal Weapon” and “Point Break”.

What does Luke like about acting? “It’s so much fun and you don’t know where you might end up – like I ended up on ‘Bunk’d’ and now I’m having so much fun.”

Call it a dream job. Luke used to wish he was in “Bunk’d” and he said it was “crazy” that he was in the cast now. He said he was addicted to “Bunk’d” and watched it almost every day.

“It was my favorite show when I was 7,” he said. “It was so fun to see the camp and all the mysteries and plots of each episode. They were so much fun.

The Disney Channel has embraced “Bunk’d” for an additional five-episode pickup this season, bringing the season six total to 30. Luke is hoping for a seventh season of “Bunk’d.” It may lead to other Disney shows or movies “and maybe my career can continue from there.”

Luke and his mother are part of the cast of “Cobweb”, an as yet unreleased horror film. He promised a lot of fun would be in store for his character in “Bunk’d,” but said “Cobweb” was “very scary.”

Speaking of fun, Luke’s mother mentioned it when asked about Luke’s attributes for an acting career. She said he “lets it be fun” and doesn’t get upset.

Well, there was the moment when Luke thought he botched his audition for “Bunk’d.” He said he auditioned with Lewis. The ‘Bill’ actor did so well that Luke was taken aback. He said he stuttered and “completely messed up”. He apologized and continued. Sadness turned to pleasant surprise when he received a call telling him that the “Bunk’d” job was his. Maybe his personality worked in his favor.

“I think maybe I’m fun to be around,” said Luke, who had a “Ratatouille” creature perched on one shoulder during the interview. “I love all my friends. I treat people the way I want to be treated.

If Luke seems like a natural for his profession, that’s because, well, he is. He works hard at it, according to his mother, but he doesn’t stress.

Maybe acting is in his DNA? Or is it something else?

“I think when you come from a family where they do, it gives you permission to have the dream,” her mother said, noting that people from families from other industries or backgrounds may think that an acting career is a pipe dream.

“And when you come from two parents who encourage it, you have this automatic permission. And then on top of that, you see them when they’re on set and you’ve been on set before and it’s not that scary.

Series regulars Miranda May (Lou), Trevor Tordjman (Parker), Mallory James Mahoney (Destiny) and Israel Johnson (Noah) will be introduced to Luke and the other newcomers in the season six premiere.


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