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America is the land of dreams, and one local man continues to present his in every salon.

During his 20-year professional acting career, Blooming Prairie native Josh Braaten has played sitcom boyfriends, criminals, a basketball player and more. Over the past couple of years, however, he’s endorsed the Disney star title… sort of.

Braaten stars as Ben Campbell in the Disney series “Secrets of Sulfur Springs”, a mysterious time travel drama series premiering in January 2021. Excitement builds with season two of the show airing Friday.

“One of the things I really love about my character is that he’s not a perfect guy,” Braaten said. “He’s a little bossy and a little mean to his kids sometimes when they tell him about weird things going on, but that’s how real parents are, and it’s fun.”

The first season ended with a cliffhanger ending, leaving viewers anxious to know what will happen next. Braaten said audiences can expect the second season to pick up where it left off.

“Harper tries to leave Tremont and she meets someone who looks exactly like her,” Braaten said. “So she wonders what’s going on, then it goes black.”

When season two begins, we learn that the mysterious lookalike is (spoiler alert) Harper’s great-grandmother, Daisy. Due to a time portal malfunction, Harper is stuck some 90 years in the past, leading to a whole new set of issues throughout the season, and the Tremont Hotel almost becomes his own character with a story to tell. to discover.

“My young sources say the show looks a little scarier this year than it did last season. It’s a fun, scary vibe, but it’s almost realistic. But of course my character tells the kids that it is. It’s just the wind or the leaking pipes, go do your homework, ”Braaten said with a laugh.

Throughout his career, this is his first job where many of his fellow cast members are children. He said one of his favorite things about working with them is that they keep the job light and fun, and that they aren’t stressed or nervous in front of the camera.

“They’re boring sometimes actually, because memorizing lines is so easy for them,” Braaten said with a laugh. “They train very quickly and walk around the stage once and they get it. While I, Kelly, Diandra and the other adult actors stuff our lines and walk around the stage a few times together.

Also part of the younger generation, Braaten realized that he was not as hip and cool as he maybe had been.

“They like to let me know that I’m not cool anymore,” Braaten said. “Maybe I was cool when people said things like ‘rad’ and ‘tubular’, but it’s not cool anymore, but I still learned a lot from them. I think I probably learned more from the kids than they learned from me. We find teachers everywhere.

Braaten went on to say that the farm outside of New Orleans where parts of the series are filmed strongly reminds him of southeastern Minnesota.

“The settings outside of Tremont and the springs and woods at the summer camp remind me of Blooming Prairie,” Braaten said. “Outside the city, by the river, with fields and oaks. It was a fun place because it reminded me so much of my home. However, if I ever got the offer to tour Hawaii again, I would definitely do so. “

Although Hollywood has been home to the actor for many years, Braaten said he returns to Minnesota as often as he can.

“Minnesota will always feel right at home,” Braaten said. “If I could continue to be an actor and live in Rochester or St. Paul, I would. The last time I came back we looked at places in Saint-Paul. So maybe one day I’ll have a home in Minnesota too.

Along with the second season of “Secrets of Sulfur Springs” airing this week, Braaten also has a role in an upcoming Netflix miniseries “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”, where he plays a young version of the infamous Lionel Dahmer. serial killer. dad. The series is slated for release in the spring of 2022.

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