New Disney series ‘Baymax!’ Highlights Transgender man buys tampons and ‘all-gender bathroom’ in college

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Characters from Disney’s hit animated film “Big Hero 6” star in a new limited series titled “Baymax!”, which was released Wednesday, June 29 on Disney+.

The series focuses on Baymax, the lovable inflatable robot who serves as a personal health companion, helping others in the fantasy town of San Fransokyo.

“The six-episode healthcare caper series features extraordinary characters who need Baymax’s approach to healing in more ways than they realize,” Disney’s description reads.

Writer, filmmaker and activist Christopher F. Rufo tweeted a exclusive music video of the new series before it became available to stream on Disney+, claiming the clip was leaked footage.

“I got a leaked video from Disney’s upcoming show ‘Baymax,’ which promotes the transgender flag and the idea that men can menstruate with kids as young as two,” Rufo wrote. . “It’s all part of Disney’s plan to rethink the talk about children and sexuality.”

The clip, which has been viewed over 6.2 million times and has over 9,000 comments, is from the third episode of the series, titled “Sofia”, where a schoolgirl encounters major changes in her life, in particular her first period.

12-year-old Sofia walks into a single-sex bathroom at school and is horrified that her first period will come just before she prepares to perform with her friend at a talent show.

“I can’t believe this is happening! I wasn’t prepared for this,” Sofia tells Baymax, who entered the bathroom after hearing her yell, “No! Nope! Nope!”

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When Baymax realizes that Sofia has no “menstrual hygiene supplies”, he heads to a convenience store. But when he arrives, the inflatable robot becomes completely confused looking at all the possible hygiene products he could buy.

Baymax then asks for help from another client, who is an adult woman.

After the shopper provides Baymax with a recommendation, other shoppers suddenly appear in the aisle, offering the robotic health assistant additional advice on which product to buy.

The advice Baymax receives doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at first, until the camera pans to show a transgender man telling Baymax, “I still have the winged ones.”

The next scene shows Baymax returning to the school’s all-gender bathroom with bags full of “menstrual hygiene supplies” for Sofia. “You can select your favorite sanitary napkin,” Baymax tells her.

For the duration of the 12-minute episode, Sofia explains in detail what is happening to her body to her talent show partner, who is a boy, and receives an inspirational pep talk from the robot who helps her make it. about what just happened to him. .

Disney shared in March that they would include more LGBTQ+ scenes and stories in feature films and popular releases. Last month, Disney-Pixar backed up that claim by including a gay kiss in “Light yearwhich told the story of adorable Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear.


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