New Disney series: ‘Star Wars: Visions’ is coming to Disney +


A photo from ‘Star Wars: Visions’ | Source: Lucasfilm

May the force be with you!

This morning Lucasfilm released the trailer for its upcoming Disney + original series, Star Wars: Visions. The anthology series, which begins September 22, features nine new Star Wars stories, all told through the style and lore of Japanese anime. The nine shorts will be titled “The Duel”, “Tatooine Rhapsody”, “The Twins”, “The Village Bride”, “The Ninth Jedi”, “T0-B1”, “The Elder”, “Lop & Ocho”, and “Akakiri”.

Lucasfilm has partnered with seven major animation studios to produce the show, which will be available with a Japanese voice cast and dubbed in English. In the action-packed, dubbed trailer below, fans will see many familiar elements of the Star Wars universe – from lightsabers and stormtroopers to a certain notorious bounty hunter – all in fresh visual style. and exciting.

Fans may recognize some of the voices in this trailer because the voice cast – also announced today – is Stacked. The cast of the English dub includes both new and returning Star Wars stars including Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett, Lucy Liu as Bandit Leader, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jay, Neil Patrick Harris in Karre’s, Simu Liu in Zhima’s, David Harbor in Tajin’s, Henry Golding as Tsubaki and George Takei as Senshuu.

To check out the full voices of Japanese shorts and English dubs, head to! The original, unlined trailer for the show is also available to watch here. Then grab Star Wars: Visions when it debuts on Disney + next month.


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