Parades, new cavalcades and stage show unveiled today!


In keeping with the spirit of the 50th anniversary celebrations, Walt Disney World made some exciting announcements early this afternoon regarding upcoming cavalcades and parades this spring. Magic Kingdom, the park celebrating its 50th anniversary, will return some of its favorite entertainment and welcome new elements. As we approach the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that things are really settling into what was only a concept a short time ago: “the new normal”.

There were three big takeaways from the morning announcements:

  • NEW! On February 11, Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade will debut at the Magic Kingdom
  • NEW! On February 25, Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire Castle show will debut at the Magic Kingdom
  • On March 9, Festival of Fantasy Parade returns to Magic Kingdom
Disney Adventure Cavalcade at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL

February 11 – Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade makes its Magic Kingdom debut

The cavalcade of the friends of the Disney adventure comes first on the list of announcements. Rides have become a staple of Disney World entertainment over the past year, and guests appreciate that this format of entertainment offers all the joy of a parade and seeing beloved characters without necessarily demanding all the attention. and the planning that viewing a fashion show might involve. This cavalcade brings together nearly 30 of the most beloved characters from Disney and Pixar productions, including Nick and Judy from zootopia, Baloo and King Louie of The jungle Book, Merida, Moana, The Incredibles and even Miguel de coconut in his debut as a Magic Kingdom live character.

Miguel in his best Mariachi, from coconut

February 25 – Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire Castle Stage Show debuts at Magic Kingdom

In an updated version of “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire,” “Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire” will debut at Cinderella Castle in late February. The new show will feature new segments, an original song (“Where the Magic Feels Like Home”), and will be covered in a 50th anniversary twist. Scenes and songs from Frozen, Tangled, and The princess and the Frog will be widely promoted. A new opening and grand finale featuring the king himself – Mickey Mouse – is sure to brighten up your day.

Festival of Fantasy Parade returns to Magic Kingdom

March 9 – Festival of Fantasy Parade returns to Magic Kingdom

Did we save the best for last? In perhaps the biggest news of the afternoon, Disney World’s first parade since the COVID-19 pandemic is officially on the calendar. The Festival of Fantasy Parade will return to Magic Kingdom in all its glory on March 9, the eighth anniversary of the parade’s launch, and after nearly two full years of hiatus. The parade features beloved movie characters such as Tangled, Peter Pan, The princess and the Frog, and others. The star of the show is the Maleficent Dragon, a tank that breathes fire nearly 30 feet in the air and takes to the parade route despite being 35 feet long.

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