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Emma Thériault is the genius writer behind Rebellious rose, Volume 1 of the new Disney series The Queen’s Council. This new series will reinvent the stories of some of our favorite Disney Princesses and the very real historical settings behind their stories. Rebellious rose is the continuation of Disney’s beloved tale of The beauty and the Beast, resuming with Belle and her husband Lio in 1789. Historical fiction meets Disney in the best possible way in this novel for young adults. They have only been married a few months, but find themselves facing the impending French Revolution and what it could mean in their own kingdom of Aveyon.

The fairy tale finds its historical roots as the story unfolds from Lio’s visit to King Louis in Versailles to Belle’s work to improve the lives of her people with real political changes in the relations of the ‘Aveyon with the rest of Europe. The rich and living world created by Thériault highlights all the extravagance of the French monarchy as Belle and Lio visit Paris. As Belle ventures into the streets, readers also discover the underlying currents of violence, fear and hatred of Parisian commoners who fight for their lives against the monarchy’s ever-increasing taxes and wandering contempt for the monarchy. their well-being. From references to historical moments to Belle’s first-hand account of a National Day party, Rebellious rose plunges you into the heart of the political turmoil of the time and gives readers the impression of living it.

Thériault also pays the same attention to detail for each of his characters. Throughout the story, Belle is irritated with the title of “Princess”, preferring to simply remain Belle despite everyone around her seeing her as their princess. This aspect, associated with others throughout history, seems authentic to the progressive, headstrong Beauty we know from classical history. Rather than breaking the character down to her bare bones and rebuilding her, Theriault takes Belle fans in the know and adds intricate layer upon layer until we can easily imagine Belle as a true historical figure. Readers also encounter several familiar faces from the castle and some surprising faces from outside its walls (but I’m not going to spoil that!). The inclusion of deep stories for the supporting characters who make their way into Belle’s life adds to the richness of the tale. Belle’s ideas and desire to help her people lead the story at a breakneck pace from start to finish.

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But it wouldn’t be a Disney tale without a little bit of magic, and the story keeps its promises. The complexity of the story only increases with the imaginative take on the curse broken, and the way the truth behind the magic that cursed Lio goes beyond a simple curse on a cruel-hearted boy. Although the spell has been broken, the magic revisits Belle in disturbing and ominous ways with visions of a city on fire and dire consequences if Belle ignores the advice a familiar voice gives her.

While the book is aimed at young adult audiences, I’m sure adult Disney and historical fiction fans will love it. Rebellious rose. Attention to detail, vivid scenes, and fast-paced history make it a must read and impossible to let go. Rebellious rose will be available in stores and online on November 10. You can pre-order your copy now!

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