“Spider-Man” crashes into a building during a Disney show on the Avengers Campus. Video surfaces


Visitors to the Avengers campus experienced something unusual during a popular Spider-Man show at Disney California Adventure Park in the United States last Thursday. During the Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure performance, the swinging animatronic Spider-Man apparently malfunctioned and crashed into a building, videos posted by viewers on social media. Due to the incident, which took place on June 9, the show had to be interrupted for a few hours.

A video posted on Instagram by user Darren L shows how the stunt robot swinging and flipping through the air hits the facade of the building, leaving it damaged. The caption accompanying the video said the broadcast briefly went down but was up and running later.

“As with any flight, there may be bumps along the way, but Spider-Man was back in action in time for his afternoon adventures at Avengers Campus,” a Disney official said in a statement. Deadline report.

Meanwhile, visitors seemed to be enjoying the misadventure, which didn’t hurt anyone.

The show alternates between the programmed robot and an actual performer playing Peter Parker, the Spider-Man. And the show’s storytelling seems to be timed for eventualities like this. In the video of the crash, just after the Webslinger hits the building, the voice of the narrator can be heard saying, “The web facility is not equipped with airbags”, to which Peter Parker responds with an “ok” in his energetic voice.

Watch the video here:

The damage to the building was quickly repaired, Disneyland News Today said in a blog post, adding that the facade panels are designed to come off in the event of a malfunction involving the Spider-Man stunt robot. The blog also explained how “The Amazing Spider-Man” returned to the Avengers campus shortly after noon and resumed performing.

The actual show is supposed to look a bit like this:


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