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Disney fans who love Stitch aka Experiment 626 but know it’s certainly not a dog will enjoy the new Disney collection, Disney Stitch Crashes. While the alien entity can already devote an entire day to him (June 26), Disney felt it was time to honor this character with their own series of merchandise, and we’re very excited about that.

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New series

  • The ninth series is themed The jungle Book and coming to Disney shopDisney on October 15th at 7 a.m..
  • The collection will not be released in US Disney stores. Items available in the collection include:
  • Movie-inspired t-shirts and mugs will also be available for a limited time at

Disney Stitch Crashes

  • In recent years, Disney is known to have released memorable limited edition collections featuring highly sought-after items that celebrate many of the things fans love about Disney.
  • Now they combine playfulness and class in a new collection featuring a little blue troublemaker known as Stitch.
  • Fans might remember that in 2002 Stitch crashed several favorite Walt Disney Animation Studio movie scenes, well now he’s released the movies with a whole new collection of merchandise and is about to crash. :
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  • Disney Stitch Crashes is the latest introduction in a monthly collection that includes plush toys and pins, inspired by the original Lilo and Stitch 2002 movie trailers.

  • Throughout the year, Stitch will be crushing classic Disney animated films and fans are invited to join him for fun collecting all 12 styles!

Series 9 – The Jungle Book

Looks like Stitch has been caught in a mess of lush greenery! It’s covered in a green leaf pattern accented by the silhouettes of Baloo and King Louie dancing through the jungle. Stitch’s ears and torso are ribbed yellow fabric and to top it off he wears a banana on his head!

Upcoming outings

  • Series 10 – Pocahontas
  • Series 11 – Peter Pan
  • Series 12 – Mulan

Previous versions

  • Series 1 – The beauty and the Beast
  • Series 2 – the Lady and the Tramp
  • Series 3 – The Lion King

  • Series 4 – The little Mermaid
  • Series 5 – Pinocchio
  • Series 6 – Aladdin

  • Series 7 – The Sleeping Beauty
  • Series 8 – White as snow
  • Series 9 – The jungle Book

January 2021 – The beauty and the Beast

February 2021 – The Lady and the Tramp

March 2021 – The Lion King

Series 3 of the Disney Stitch Crashes Collection will be available in March. This version is inspired by The Lion King and has a green and golden yellow color blocking with fun patterns. Stitch’s eyes and nose are dark red, and there is an adorable insect larva on top of his head!

April 2021 – The Little Mermaid

From the Savannah to the Ocean, the next Disney movie that Stitch crashes is The little Mermaid. Our disturbing blue friend is found “Under the Sea” for series 4 displaying an aquatic motif of corals, fish and mermaid silhouettes. He even wears a sea flower too!

Series 5 – Pinocchio

Series 5 of the Disney Stitch Crashes collection is dedicated to Geppetto’s original wooden creation, Pinocchio. This design features a wood grain pattern in dark brown and light brown and is accented with blue stars, golden swirls, and Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio silhouettes. Oh! And Stitch is wearing Pinocchio’s iconic yellow hat with a red feather!

Series 6 – Aladin

He comes from a country, a far away place… Stitch came down to Agrabah and it looks like he met Aladdin’s Magic Carpet! Series 6 features the troublemaker in a new shade of blue accented by pink swirls and a magic lamp. And he managed to grab Abu’s fez in an attempt to “perfect” his look.

Series 7 – Sleeping Beauty

Oh no! Stitch found itself in a mess! Struck from both sides with different magical colors of flora, fauna, and Merryweather wands, Experience 626 is now two-tone! “Make it pink” or “make it blue” is inscribed on each ear and the colorful design features icons of the spinning wheel, Aurora, fairies and more. To complete her look, three “lit” candles rest on the left side of her head.

Series 8 – Snow White

Stitch got a bit of a mess for Series 8. Our friendly alien is decked out in two tones of blue accented with flowers, vines and figure silhouettes. apple covered in deadly poison!

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