The Disney show “Muppet Babies” features Gonzo transvestites

Gonzo is revealed as “Gonzorella” in “The Muppet Babies” in an episode that airs on July 23, 2021. |

Disney Junior television is under fire for a storyline featured in a recent episode of one of its hit children’s shows involving a main character deciding to cross-dress.

In a recent episode of “Muppet Babies”, which aired on July 23, Gonzo wanted to go to the royal ball that his friends were throwing dressed as a princess but didn’t feel comfortable doing it because he didn’t want to challenge the roles. traditional genre. .

“Muppet Babies” tells the story of the legendary Muppets created by the late puppeteer Jim Henson as a child.

When Gonzo indicated that he wanted to “wear one of these princess dresses” to the royal ball, the girls told him that he was “not supposed to wear a dress” and instead wore a knight costume like the rest of the boys.

After finding a downed Gonzo, his “Fairy Ratfather” grants him his wish. And with a wave of his magic wand, Gonzo immediately puts on a princess dress and glass slippers.

Gonzo arrived at the party wearing the costume, posing as “Gonzorella”.

Her friends didn’t realize that Gonzorella and Gonzo are the same, with Miss Piggy describing the newcomer as “a mysterious new princess”. The other attendees credited “Gonzorella” with adding life to the otherwise boring party.

Because the Muppet ditched the royal ball just when he was due to return to his normal “cake on time” form, his friends never realized that Gonzo was, in fact, Gonzorella.

After the royal ball, Gonzo met his friends, who lamented that he missed the opportunity because they “met the most incredible princess, but they ran away.” When Miss Piggy pointed out that “all they left behind” was a glass slipper, Gonzo informed his friends that “there is something I have to tell you”.

“The princess who came to your ball tonight was me,” he explained, grabbing the glass slipper and transforming back into a princess. When Miss Piggy asked him why he hadn’t said it, Gonzo replied, “Because you all expected me to look a certain way.”

“I don’t want you to be mad at me,” he added.

Miss Piggy apologized, proclaiming that “it was not very nice of us to tell you what to wear to our prom.”

The other girl, Summer, assured Gonzo that “you are our friend and we love you the way you are.”

After the episode aired, conservatives were quick to criticize Disney Junior for exposing the LGBT program to young children.

“I can’t believe I’m tweeting this but… they’re pushing the trans agenda on kids through baby muppets,” comments curator Owens wrote in a tweet on Sunday. “It’s sick and PERVERTI. Everyone should be bothered by predatory cartoons intended to introduce children to gender dysphoria.”

The plot involving Gonzo becoming Gonzorella is not the first time the “The Muppets” or Disney franchise has come under fire for promoting LGBT themes or adult content in children’s programming.

The previous reboot of “The Muppets,” which aired on ABC, faced opposition from Parents Television Council and One Million Moms for including material not suitable for children every three minutes and 38 seconds during its run. first four episodes.

In a previous interview with The Christian Post, PTC chairman Tim Winter explained some of the worrying content about the ABC reboot, which premiered in 2015.

The first four episodes featured characters “intoxicated” in a bar, Miss Piggy discussing “breast augmentation and butt lift”, the Animal character implying that “he’s been with” too many women. “in” too many cities “” and Miss Piggy asking another character to “make me fuck him”.

Although Disney-owned ABC pulled the showrunner who had spoken of his desire to incorporate adult content into the children’s show following a setback, the show was canceled after just one season.

Another reboot of a well-respected children’s show, “Rugrats,” premiered earlier this year on the streaming service Paramount Plus. The show also sought to differentiate itself from its predecessor as a “more liberal show” by reintroducing the mother of two of the main baby characters as a lesbian single mom.

Disney Plus took a similar course, announcing that its reboot of the children’s animated series “The Proud Family,” which is slated to premiere next year, will feature a character with two dads. The expansion of LGBT activism in children’s programming comes as LGBT rights organization GLAAD has called for 20% of all TV characters to be LGBT by 2025.

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