The popular Playhouse Disney Show could FINALLY come to Disney +


Playhouse Disney has presented families across the country with several popular shows, including Rolie Polie Olie, PB&J Otter, Out of the Box, Higglytown Heroes, and, of course, the fan favorite Bear in the big blue house.

Once Disney + debuted in 2019, subscribers were disappointed that some of these shows weren’t included. In fact, several petitions have been filed to urge Disney + to add some of these Playhouse Disney shows to the service.

Now, after two years of Disney +, we can finally see one of those Playhouse Disney shows coming to the streaming service!

Credit: Disney

Recently, during a live broadcast to raise funds for “Give Kids the World Village,” a nonprofit that provides dream vacations for critically ill children and their families, the Disney Theme Park YouTuber , Defuctland, was joined by Bear in the big blue house star Noel MacNeal, who hinted that the series could finally be released on Disney +!

“I think 2021 will be a really good year, and if you’ve got Disney +… be patient,” MacNeal said on the live broadcast.

Now MacNeal could have talked about bringing the fan favorite Bear in the big blue house at Disney +, but he also could have hinted that a revamped version of the Playhouse Disney show could also be in the works. we have already seen The proud family and The Mighty Ducks: game changers hitting Disney +, both as reboot versions of their originals, so it’s possible that Disney is working on relaunch Bear in the big blue house also.

Inside the Magic will keep you posted as we have more information.

Safer Bear in the big blue house

Bear in the big blue house
Credit: Disney

Bear in the big blue house broadcast on Playhouse Disney from 1997 to 2006. It tells the story of a bear named Bear, who lives in the Big Blue House. Bear took care of his friends Ojo Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, and Shadow as they learned all the basics of problem solving, cooperation, kindness to others, and other important life skills.

Do you hope to see Bear in the big blue house come to Disney +? Let us know in the comments below.


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