Using the New Disability Access Service Process at Walt Disney World


Many changes have been made to the My Disney Experience app over the past few months. I’m not a fan of some of the changes, which worried me about the changes to the Disability Access Service (DAS) system. Recently at Hollywood Studios, I used my DAS pass, learned about new ways to book return hours through the app, and spoke to Guest Relations about the video chat feature.

Once I entered the Hollywood studios, I immediately turned left and headed to Guest Relations as it was time to renew my Disability Access Service pass. The DAS pass expires after 60 days, so every 60 days the service must be renewed. As I renewed my service, I was asked, “What is preventing you from joining the queue?” Not all of the cast members ask, but sometimes they do. I have let the Guest Relations Actor know that my anxiety and chronic pain is impacting my ability to use the hold line. She was very kind to put me to the side and make the conversation private so others couldn’t overhear what was going on. I asked him how to renew online and how it would work. She said I should be using the chat system but at the moment this team is understaffed. Due to the shortage of staff on this team, the response time is slow. They let me know that it is better to come to Guest Relations to renew the DAS pass as they can help clients faster than the online tool. Once my DAS was set up, she made me open the My Disney Experience app to show me how to make my selections. This part was easy.

You need to open the app and head to the Advice tab to make return time selections. Once you are in the board area, change the park to your current park. For me, I changed the park to Hollywood Studios, and she told me to click on standby wait time for an attraction I’d like to check out. Once I selected the attraction I wanted to experience, Slinky Dog Dash, it took me to a new page that displayed information about the ride, and on the left side of the page there was a section titled “DAS Return Time”. Underneath it was showing the next available return time for that attraction. If this time works for you and your party, the next step is to select that return time. The next page you access is a confirmation page to confirm who will be riding the attraction and the time. Once the confirmation is complete, you can continue your day until it’s time to go to this attraction. After selecting Slinky Dog Dash, I had an hour to explore the park. I met Vamperina and Doc McStuffins in the entertainment yard outside of the Disney Junior dance party. I also saw all the Christmas decorations and challenged myself to find all the gold statues.

DAS return time

When the time came to enter the attraction, I scanned my ticket holders and the cast members directed me to Lighting Lane. After scanning I went to the app, and it allowed me to make a new selection back as it recorded that I had just scanned in Slinky Dog Dash. I was able to choose Rise of the Resistance. After getting off Slinky Dog I had about an hour and a half left until I returned to Rise of the Resistance. While waiting for the return time, I had dinner at Sci-Fi Dine-in which was fantastic, and by the time dinner was over it was time for my next round. Even though it was time for the next round it started to get cold so I decided to go home. If you miss an hour back, you won’t be penalized or anything like that. I was amazed at how easy it was to make the selections and it made me want to come back to the parks more often. Making the selections through the app helped allay my anxiety about visiting the cast members at each attraction. This made it possible to minimize round trips. I have to sit or stop a lot throughout my visits to the park because of my chronic pain so it helped me. The time between ride return times gives me a chance to chill out and relax instead of running across the park to get an hour back.

Rise of the Resistance Return Time

From what the customer relations cast member told me, I will avoid the chat system until they have enough staff to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Everything else in the system worked well and my trip to the park was stress free. I am happy that Disney has made changes to this system as it is now even more accessible than before, especially for people with reduced mobility or non-visible disabilities.


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