Video shows families battling at Disney World, 1 person taken to hospital


A fight broke out between the families at the Walt Disney World Resort on Wednesday, with one person later requiring medical attention.

According to the Walt Disney World News Today blog, a guest and his family were queuing for the PhilharMagic show when the person realized they had left their phone in their electric scooter, and went to retrieve it. When this person attempted to reunite with their group, another family in matching clothes refused to allow the guest to return to their place in line and pushed them to the back.

The group, dressed in a white shirt ensemble and matching red shorts, waited near the exit of the venue to confront the guest and his family. “Listen man, we don’t want any trouble, we don’t appreciate you pushing my little sister,” a family member of the guest told the other group.

After someone punched the guest, their brother responded and a physical altercation ensued between the two families. A witness told FOX 35 News that security personnel arrived at the scene about two minutes later, and deputies showed up a few minutes later. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said three people were arrested for assault and battery.

A family member of the guest was taken to hospital with a large cut on his chin.

This is the second fight in three months at the Magic Kingdom. In early May, a woman suffered head injuries after being pulled to the ground by the hair by another woman. The confrontation stemmed from another couple moving past the victim and her husband as they waited for the fireworks to start, and allegedly elbowing their daughter in the process.

The victim was hospitalized for a cerebral hemorrhage. The woman’s husband and the other couple were all charged with battery.


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