Video Shows Mass Brawl Between 2 Families Visiting Disney World After Magic Kingdom Queue Argument, Reports Say


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  • A fight broke out between two families at Disney World in Florida over a lineup dispute.

  • Videos show at least a dozen men and women involved in a mass brawl in the park.

  • The incident resulted in the transport of one man to hospital and the arrest of two others, according to reports.

A mass brawl broke out Thursday at Disney World in Florida over a queuing dispute, according to reports.

A video posted on social networks, seen hereshows a group of about ten people throwing punches and shouting as passers-by try to separate them.

A man was taken to hospital with a large cut on his chin. Others suffered less serious injuries, including cuts and bruises, according to Walt Disney World News Today.

The fight took place between two families when a guest briefly left the line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic to get his phone from an electric scooter, according to Walt Disney World News Today.

When she returned, another family (seen in the videos in matching red shorts and white t-shirts) wouldn’t allow her to join the front of the line and ended up pushing her.

According to Walt Disney World News Today, a family member of the girl told them, “We don’t appreciate you pushing my younger sister.”

One of the girl’s family members told Walt Disney World News Today that when they came out of the theater, the other family was waiting outside to confront them.

The incident led to a shouting match between the two groups, which erupted into a full-fledged brawl.

Fights that involved men and women were eventually broken up and taken to the park’s security office, according to Walt Disney World News Today.

A person involved in the brawl told Walt Disney World News Today that his family had been banned from the park.

“We have been banned from Disney forever unless we contact the chef,” the alleged attendee wrote to the outlet. “2 people from the other party have been arrested, and the others have left, no one from our family has been arrested yet, and they still have us here.”

Insider is unable to independently verify the claims.

The fight took place inside the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday night, according to a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, per NBC News.

“Deputies conducted their investigation and subsequently arrested three individuals for assault and battery,” said a statement from the sheriff’s office, NBC News reported.

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