Walt Disney World is finally bringing back daytime parades, so what’s taking Disneyland so long?


When the Disney parks reopened after their respective pandemic closures, they were just a fraction of themselves. While most of the attractions, immersive environments, and much of the delicious food were still there, there was also a lot missing. Any event that tended to create crowds of people close together was excluded from reopening. Over time, most of those elements, like the fireworks and character encounters, have returned. Soon the parades will also return to Walt Disney World, but somehow we are still waiting at Disneyland.

Yesterday, Walt Disney World announced that one of the final pieces of the puzzle, a daytime parade, would soon return to Magic Kingdom. It’s part of a lot of live entertainment arriving at Disney World in 2022. It’s wonderful to see, but honestly seeing the return of an updated Festival of Fantasy parade, cool as it is, reminds us of the excellent Disneyland parade that barely got a chance to debut and who is still missing., The magic happens.

Magic Happens only started operating at Disneyland Park at the end of February 2020, meaning it lasted about two weeks before the entire Disneyland Resort closed in mid-March. It was, in the opinion of all, an excellent parade with remarkable tanksfun characters we don’t often seeand an absolutely striking soundtrack. It was an exciting project for show director Jordan Peterson who was steeped in Disney history. This show needs more love.

Parades had returned to both Disney World and Disneyland previously, but they had been as part of paid special events which limited the capacity of the parks; they weren’t available to anyone who purchased a regular park ticket. Festival of Fantasy will be the first parade at a national Disney park that anyone entering Magic Kingdom will be able to see.

It is certainly hoped that when Disneyland is ready to do the same, and it will be soon, we will see the return of Magic Happens. This parade has barely had the chance to be seen, and the more we go without it, the more we must be afraid of never seeing it again. Even considering the investment that went into making Magic Happens in the first place, we might get to a point where someone in a position of authority thinks it would be easier to just move on.

It would be a terrible decision. We need to revisit Magic Happens, and preferably soon. We know a full parade is going to return to Disneyland Resort at some point this year as the Main Street Electrical Parade has been officially confirmed to return in 2022. If it’s time for the parades to return for the masses at Disney World, then it’s probably time at Disneyland. It’s time for Magic Happens.


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