What’s coming to Walt Disney World in 2022?


“Hey Disney!” Voice Assistant for Amazon Alexa and Echo – 2022

Disney is teaming up with Amazon for a new voice assistant project called “Hey Disney!” which will be deployed in Disney Resort hotel rooms in 2022. The message “Hey Disney!” The voice assistant will work alongside Alexa to respond to voice prompts and use the voices of Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Olaf, C-3PO and more, to provide weather forecasts, timers, alarms and more . “Hey Disney!” will also feature an all-new character, the Disney Magical Companion, which will help guests experience over 1,000 magical interactions, like hearing special greetings and authentic Disney Character voice jokes, asking trivial questions, and exploring environments audio inspired by Disney movies and destinations. Resort guests can also get helpful vacation information with questions such as “Hey Disney! When’s the next bus to Epcot leaving?” or requests such as “Hey Disney! Can we have extra towels?”

“Hey Disney! will be available for customers to purchase for supported Amazon Echo devices through the Amazon Alexa Skills store, and Amazon will offer two Mickey Mouse-inspired stands for the Echo Show 5, featuring Mickey’s iconic ears inspired by either his outfit 50th anniversary celebration shorts (which will be the version found in Disney Resort hotel rooms) or his classic red shorts.


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