Which Disney series have Jake Paul and Olivia Rodrigo worked on together?


Jake Paul is a huge Olivia Rodrigo fan and the YouTuber turned boxer isn’t afraid to tell the world.

While Jake and Olivia are doing well in their careers, the two have worked together. Years after that, it seems Jake still remembers how talented Olivia really is.

Recently, Jake got another victory after taking out Tyron Woodley. Following his victory,

What Disney series did Jake Paul and Olivia Rodrigo do together?

Olivia and Jake worked together for Disney’s Bizaardvark. Jake had taken on the role of Dirk while Olivia played the role of Paige.

The two were on the show together until Jake was fired from the show in 2017. Although the two did not stay in touch after the show, in an interview Olivia agreed that the YouTuber believed in his talent.

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She said: “I haven’t seen him since he left the show. But the last thing he said to me was’ you’re gonna sell stadiums someday kid he called my success. My God, my publicist wouldn’t appreciate it if I said that. He was very nice to me.

What did Jake say about Olivia?

Jake has hinted repeatedly that he is proud of Olivia’s accomplishments. For starters, the YouTuber congratulated her when her song “Drivers License” topped the charts, shared a music video where he was seen dancing to “Goof 4 U” and also wrote “the number one fan d ‘Olivia Rodrigo’ on her Instagram biography.

Apart from that, Jake also expressed his thoughts on Olivia. In an interview, he said, “I would be in my dressing room and she would be in hers, and I would just hear her singing from the back of the hall, playing the piano, and she was still super talented, super nice. She was an amazing actress, everyone on this set and this show was super talented.

Why did Jake Paul leave the Dinsey series?

Speaking about Jake’s exit from the show, Dinsey had said it was down to a mutual decision.

The statement read: “We have mutually agreed that Jake Paul will be stepping down from his role in the Disney Channel series. Bizaardvark. On behalf of the production company, cast and crew, we thank Jake for his good work on the TV series over the past 18 months and send him our best wishes.


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