Will Disney announce a Wreck-It Ralph attraction for Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland at D23 Expo?


We’ve written in detail about rumored announcements for Disneyland’s Tomorrowland that may come out of D23 Expo next month, but what about Walt Disney World? Tomorrowland in Florida is also getting a makeover – there are brand new roller coasters now. But what will Josh D’Amaro say during “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products?”

Many people are hoping for an opening date for TRON Lightcycle/Run, and that’s understandable, since it’s been five years since the ride was announced. It would seem like an obvious thing to announce that would get people excited and interested in visiting, but they might balk after delays forced them to abandon the original opening date.

Tomorrowland appears to be undergoing a transformation, as design elements from the 1994 reimagining continue to be quietly removed, but no large-scale changes have occurred and nothing has been confirmed. (For the record, we’re fans of the 1990s “New Tomorrowland” aesthetic and are sad to see it disappear – but there’s no denying that it’s been overlooked).

Will we finally hear about Wreck-It-Ralph’s replacement for Stitch’s Great Escape? Permits have been filed and construction began in 2020. Merchant of Venus, the store at the attraction’s exit, has been closed and delisted for almost as long. If he’s been given the green light to resume, chances are we’ll hear about it on D23.

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According to sources, the new Wreck-It Ralph attraction would reuse Great Escape’s existing in-the-round theaters (which were also used for Alien Encounter, Mission to Mars, and Flight to the Moon), but would attach the video game-style controllers to each guest seat. With these controllers, guests could somehow play an interactive role in the show.

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It’s safe to expect at least a word of the Tomorrowland review at Disneyland. Given that the Parks Pavilion logo at Expo combines current fonts from Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland, it seems likely that Tomorrowland will feature at multiple resorts. The Parks panel is also literally titled “A Boundless Future”.

The future of the Disney Parks is changing. Stay tuned to WDWNT as we bring live coverage from D23 Expo.

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